Frequently Asked Questions

Are You A Veteran Owned Company?

Yes. Apical Aspect is a veteran owned and operated marketing and multi media company located in Las Vegas Nevada. As veterans, we are dedicated to our mission and our mission is to help small businesses grow and thrive by providing excellent marketing services, custom taliored websites, branding services, search engine optimiziation for your website and much more.

How Can You Help Grow My Business?

Apical Aspect is dedicated to our clients and offers strategic services that maximize your brands exposure and effectiveness with your target demographics. We sit down with you to learn about your business, your goals, and your target market. We then engineer a customized marketing strategy that fits your needs and your budget. Apical Aspect is your one stop for all of your digital marketing needs. We create custom websites, deploy strategic email marketing campaigns, manage your social media, produce stunning video commercials and ads, and utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to optimize your website for Google, Bing, and other top search engines.

Do I Need To Be Local To Las Vegas?

Absolutely not. Apical Aspect is headquartered in Las Vegas Nevada and we love to interact with our clients in person; however, we service the entire United States. If you live outside of vegas we will still sit down with you to review your goals and develop a custom marketing strategy that fits your business needs. Our meeting with you will just take place over an online meeting platform instead of in person.

Do You Assist With Business Branding?

Yes! We will sit down with you to get to know your business and work with you to come up with a unique, attractive, and easy to remember brand that will leave a lasting memory in the mind of your customers. We also offer logo design services that gives your brand its unique visual signature. It's hard to come up with a business name that captures attention, is trend-proof, and allows you to apply that name to your website URL, social media usernames, and is unique enough that customers won't confuse you with your competitors. We, at Apical Aspect take on the burdon of this search to bring you different options you will love and your customers will remember.

Why Do I Need SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

The short answer is, SEO helps you get to the top of the search results in Google and other large search engines. Search engines are the number one way people find the information and services they are looking for. This means that if you don't show up on the first page of the search results you are losing out on 80% of the business you could be getting. Word of mouth only gets you so far. At some point you are going to need to get in the search results of a large search engine and SEO is what will get you there. Our team at Apical Aspect spends a great deal of time on each client's website to ensure that it is optimized and is able to be found on the major search engines like Google.

How Long Does It Take To Show Up On Google?

Surprisingly, there is a lot that goes into this question. On average it takes 6-12 months to get your site to show up on a major search engine. However, this depends on a number of factors, including the keywords you are trying to rank for, the competition of your industry, the amount of content in your website, the relevance of that content, the amount of traffic your site is getting, and much more. Thankfully, as part of our digital marketing services we offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. This means that we take on the burden of optimizing your site and you reap the benefits that comes with getting found on major search engines.

How Can Video Production Services Help Me?

Video can be a powerful marketing tool that can help increase traffic and brand awareness. When you see a video that generates an emotional response it can create a much more powerful connection with that cusutomer than a written text response. Take this scenario for example: You are selling camping equipment and you write an article that describes this equipment. You note how rugged it is, how it will last for years and years, and how it will last for years and years. Now imagine that you have Apical Aspect create a custom video that shows mud covered rugged outdoorsman fighting the harsh wind and rain to get back to his camp site to find his tend unweathered and unshaken. It shows this tent holding up to the harsh climate and conditions it is being exposed to. Of the two approaches you get your message across; however the latter creates an emotional response from the viewer that really drives the message home and burns your product into their mind when they think of buying a tent. Video marketing is an extremely effective and powerful tool that blows text ads out of the water. When you schedule a free consultation with us we will sit down with you to draft a video that will both entice and draw in more customers.

Why Is There A Monthly Fee Associated With SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Put simply, SEO is an ongoing process that needs to be continually re-evaluated and updated to stay current and competitive. If you throw a few keywords in your site, optimize your pages and leave it at that, you will be far below your competitors that continually improve and update their SEO. We, at Apical Aspect cater to small busniesses and know that most small businesses just don't have the time to dedicate to their website's SEO. We will meet with you each month to ensure the keywords we are targeting are still valid to the direction of your business and optimize your site accordingly. We also look at the keywords you are currently using in your site to ensure that they are still performing well and still give you a competitive edge above your competition.