Marketing Campaigns

If you're using social media or emails to grow your network and increase your brand awareness, you are on the right track. However, if you don't have a planned campaign it's likely to be as effective as taking a shot in the dark.

What Is Your Campaign Strategy?


Email Campaigns

While it's true that spamming inboxes with emails is not an effective tactic to gain traffic to your site, a well thought out email campaign that provides value to the recipient can be a very effective strategy. We help develop an email campaign that makes your recipients want to open, read, and engage with your emails.

Event-Based Campaigns

Event-based campaigns target an event that hosts participants who are more than likely in your niche. Generally, you can get exposure to events for pretty cheap and, with the deployment of the right strategy, can generate a substantial return on investment.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media is an essential tool in any growth strategy. If you are not utilizing social media to grow a following you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Social media can spread the word about your brand more quickly and reach more people in more places than word of mouth alone.

Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook tracks search and user data and gives marketers the unique opportunity to target specific demographics based on this data. This means that when someone sees your ad they are more likely to be interested. This ultimately drives more traffic to your site, facebook page, or lead collection page.

Youtube Campaigns

Yes, YouTube is technically a social media platform; however, we are mentioning this specifically because it has a slightly different audience than you would reach on other platforms. Video tends to be more engaging than text-based articles and thus creates more interest with audiences that frequent sites such as YouTube.


Each campaign is different and, depending on the complexity and duration, will vary in price. However, on average a typical campaign is anywhere from $1,200 - $2,000/month.