Give Your Business A Unique Identity

Every business needs a unique, easily identifiable brand that can be recognized by the mass population. We strive to put careful thought and consideration into each brand that we develop to ensure it accurately reflects the quality of the business it represents.

We Build Brands That Connect With Your Audience


Logo Creation

Every brand needs a symbol that can be readily identified by your customers. You want to stand out and you want to be memorable in order for your audience to continue to think of your company when they shop. Allow us to help you create your logo so your customers don't forget you when it comes time to make their purchase.

Target Audience Research

One of the first things that you need to nail down is your target audience. You must know who you are going to market to and how they respond to brands/ services such as yours. We conduct this research to give you an idea of the audience that would be most likely to latch onto your brand.

Targeted Style

Your brand needs to speak to your target audience. If you own a skate shop your brand will probably need to look a little bit different than a puppy bakery business. We help you define your target audience and construct a brand that will speak to this demographic.

Business Name Research

When it comes to picking a business name there are many factors that you must take into consideration. You want to be unique but memorable and you certainly don't want to be too similar to your competition. Let us sit down with you to craft the perfect business name that will be unforgettable and shareable by your target audience. 

Consistent Branding

In order to increase your brand recognition, you must have consistency on everything you put out for public consumption. We help you create and organize a personalized branding style guide.


Generally, full branding packages run anywhere from $1,500 - $5,000; however, not everyone needs a full suite of branding services. If you only need a few items from our branding package we offer individual services for as low as $300.