Beach Breakfast

Beach Breakfast is a mobile friendly website made for a restaurant that has a companion food truck. This website is packed with a bunch of features to include online ordering systems, reservation systems, and even a food truck location updating system!

More and more restaurants are coming out with a food truck companion essentially acting as an extension of their brick and mortar. We built this website for fun one day (because why not, we’re a web design agency and we love what we do!) and wanted to show you the features you can have in your restaurant website.
Gone are the days where a restaurant website is informational text and a picture of your menu. Customers today are expecting that they can go to your site and order food or make a reservation quickly and easily. If you own a restaurant and you aren’t taking orders or reservations online you can kiss a good chunk of change good-bye. You are losing out on revenue to your competitors down the street.

Food Truck Locator

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The food truck locator function is a big deal because it allows you to update the map on the front of the website and pin-point your truck’s exact location so customers can find you quickly and easily. Some food trucks are notorious for eluding customers because the customer has no idea where to find it. This locator function is as simple as typing in an address and hitting submit. That’s it, and now you’ve just increased your revenue because customers actually know where to find you.

Reservation System

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If you want to easily take reservations we’ve got you covered. We create a system that is quick and easy for your customers to use and it is painless to manage those reservations as well. Some restaurants use the old pen and paper method of getting on the waitlist for a table, but if you have more than a few people on that paper you are most assuredly losing sales. A reservation system prevents this illusion of long wait times and retains those customers that would have otherwise walked back out the door.

Order Online

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Online ordering systems are great for a number of reasons. The biggest is that it creates another revenue channel for your business. People don’t always want to sit down and eat at a restaurant. Sometimes they are in a hurry, sometimes they want to pick something up for dinner at a friend’s house, and sometimes it’s because they want to get in and out hassle free. So, in essence, you may be missing out on potential business because you are forcing your customers to come in and sit down before they can enjoy your delicious food.

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