Greater Nevada Detachment 186, Marine Corps League was in need of a website that could provide their membership with information on upcoming events, allow the members that missed a meeting to watch the recording, and enable the sale of Marine Corps Birthday Ball tickets online.

This Marine Corps League detachment is a local Las Vegas detachment that wanted to work with a Las Vegas web development agency. When we came in to look at their processes, they were communicating events via word-of-mouth, selling over one thousand Marine Corps Ball tickets by hand, and members that were too ill or otherwise unable to make it to the meetings would either have to get the gist of it from a fellow member at a later time or miss out on the information altogether.
As a web development agency, it is our job to provide the best solution for our client’s pain points. For Greater Nevada Detachment 186, we crafted a mobile responsive website with en e-commerce component and a bulletin board. This solution solved the issues and made life much easier for the League.

Meeting Minutes

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One of the important features that we built into this website is the ability for members to download the meeting minutes and watch the recording of the meeting. This is huge because not every member can make it to the meeting every month. They are in Las Vegas and have members that work odd days/hours, some members are in poor health and cannot travel for medical reasons and some members are simply busy that day. Now, members that miss a meeting can go to this page, on desktop or mobile as it is a mobile responsive website, and get all of the information they would have missed otherwise.

Event Tickets

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For years Greater Nevada Detachment 186 would sell over a thousand tickets to the Marine Corps Ball by hand. This meant that one person was the go-to guy for tickets. You would have to either already know how to get in touch with him or happen to catch him to buy tickets. Now, anyone that goes onto the League’s website can quickly and easily purchase tickets to the ball without hassle.
We have analytics on this page and have noticed, like most sites, that people are mostly making purchases from their mobile devices and because this is a mobile friendly website, it is easier than ever to purchase tickets on the go.

Landing Page

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Aside from the Marine Corps Ball, the big event that Greater Nevada Detachment 186 hosts each year is a charity golf tournament. We knew that we were going to run ads on Facebook to get the word out to everyone in the Las Vegas valley, but you only have a few seconds to capture attention when someone lands on your website, so we had to make sure we grabbed their attention.
We created a landing page for the golf tournament that grabbed attention, quickly gave pertinent information, and made it as easy as possible to buy tickets. In the end we nearly sold out the tournament.

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