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Anajak Coffee is a coffee brand that, until recently, was only in a few local coffee shops. Anajak needed a mobile friendly e-commerce website where they can sell their coffee. Anajak also wanted inform customers about the process the coffee goes through so they know why it tastes so delicious.

One of our main goals as a web development agency is to create a website that is not only appealing, but user friendly and highly converting. A few steps we took to achieve this is to ensure there were no navigation mazes users had to trek through to find their way to the product they came to the site in search of. The navigation is clean and very straight forward. This makes is very easy and pleasant for the customer to navigate. Additionally, we added a cart preview screen that opens when you click on the cart icon. This allows the customer to edit their cart without leaving the page they were on. Lastly, we added a custom message reminding the customer that they get free shipping if they purchase x more bags of coffee.
A good e-commerce website does three things. It makes the shopping experience effortless for the customer, it entices more purchases, and it creates a pleasant shopping experience. I believe we hit all three targets with Anajak’s website.

Cart View

Asset 17.png

The cart view lends toward a pleasant and effortless e-commerce shopping experience. We added this into the site because we wanted to make sure that if someone wanted to add more of a product at a later time they do not have to go back to the product page to do so. They can simply click on the cart icon and from the cart preview window, add more of any product.

Information Funnel

Asset 17.png

Depending on the business, information funnels can be a large part of their sales funnel. In the coffee industry for example, customers want to know about the roasting process and where the beans are sourced from. We built an information funnel on the home page of Anajak’s site to lead the customer down the path of learning more about the coffee and how they make it. After the customer has a good sense of what they are buying, they are then led to the product page to browse the selection.

Cart Message

Asset 17.png

Another feature that we added is a custom message that displays when the user lands on the cart page. Generally if websites have a reminder about free shipping it only tells them that if they purchase over x dollars they get free shipping. We wanted to tell the customer exactly how close they are to getting free shipping right before they are about to check out. This is a great way to entice the customer to purchase more merchandise that they would otherwise have not.

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